The “Scandal” Behind Kerry Washington’s Looks

Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery
The Kerry Washington plastic surgery has become a huge rage especially with her new season in the ABC drama Scandal. But it’s not the transition of her career that gets the attention. It’s her looks, transforming from cute to a more mature and demure look. And her cosmetic surgery happens to be another success story.

Though there is no confirmation of this, experts and we people are not convinced as of yet when one takes a good look at her before and after pictures. And she looks amazing!

She is more than just an actress

Though she doesn’t use her real name, Kerry Marisa Washington was born on January 31, 1977 in the Bronx, New York, U.S. Her family history also indicates that she is part Scottish and English and Native American. And not many know this but she is what someone would say “beauty with brains”. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from George Washington University, and that too with a double major in sociology and anthropology no less!

Kerry Washington

Other than the Shonda Rhimes series Scandal, for which she was nominated twice for the Prime Time Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, she has appeared in a few films, including critically acclaimed independent ones like Out Song and Night Catches Us.

The 37 year old has earned her right to be at the top with er God gifted talent, but is her beauty for real? Here are some of the highlights of the Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery.


Kerry used to look really cute with her wide nose bridge and a bulbous tip of a nose. But in the present day, she seems to have more of a refined look, with the nose bridge being a bit narrow and that bulbous tip is reduced. Now she definitely seems to have an almost perfect nose.

Eye lid surgery

Blepharoplasty (upper eyelid) is slowly becoming a hot favorite among many stars, and it is kind of tricky for it to be a flawless task. We believe that Washington opted for an upper eyelid surgery because they look a little lifted when one compares her current photos with her old ones. And it looks so natural that one may not even notice this the first time. Not to mention the surgery has given her a much more natural look.

Cheek augmentation

If you go ahead and google “Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery”, you will definitely come across many pictures. And even to the amateur’s eye, her cheeks will most certainly catch your attention. There is no way in hell that makeup alone can make one’s cheek look that full. The filler injections has made her cheeks look more plum, the kind that she didn’t have before. It has given her a much prominent look and she has a much younger look than before.

Youthful Botox

Though she was born in the year 1977, there isn’t a single sign of any wrinkles on her face. She has a rather broad forehead and it is rather smooth, given her age is in the late 30s. The injections have done some amount of work in the space between her eyes too, because she does not look at day older than 30!

Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S, Nassif of Beverly Hills strongly believes that the Scandal actress has gone under the knife more than once for a rhinoplasty, botox, upper eyelid lift and cheek augmentation surgery. Another plastic surgeon, Dr Michael Salzhauer from Miami, has confirmed that a filler called Sculptra is often used for plumping of the cheeks. The actress herself has never really confirmed nor denied about these rumors and that fuels all the gossip around her. Nevertheless, she is lucky enough to have found an excellent plastic surgeon who has done a fine job in preserving her youthful look, even though she is close to 40!

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