Jennifer Hudson’s Plastic Surgery Allegations

Jennifer Hudson has been on the limelight over her plastic surgeries for a very lengthy period of time. The most notable of all the surgery procedures she’d had is the one that reduced so much of her weight within a blink of an eye. Jennifer Hudson had been big and fat prior to her plastic surgery, and had been referred to as “the big girl” in Hollywood because she was so chubby and getting worse by day.

She tried natural ways of slimming, such as exercising and dieting, but that only helped cut just a little of her unwanted weight. Because pressure to lose weight fast for movie roles was mounting, she had to do it for the greater good of her health, fast-growing career, and celebrity status. Here is an insightful analysis into some of Jennifer Hudson plastic surgery speculations.

Jennifer Hudson Plastic Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery

She lost so much weight within a short period of time, and people were left wondering what else could do it so quick if not a scalpel. When Hudson was later asked if she had a gastric bypass or a Bariatric done on her, she strongly denied the allegations, rubbished the claims and blamed people for discrediting her.

Sometimes in 2012, Jennifer had admitted to having undergone plastic surgery, but remained consistent with her claims that nothing surgical had been done to her weight, ever. She remained steadfast, accrediting her substantial weight loss to Weight Watchers program but no one believed her. It wasn’t making any sense, and therefore only the surgical part of the story remained sensible.

Breast Implants

After shading the excess baggage, Hudson was left with little shapeless boobies that wasn’t doing her already-lowered self-confidence any good. She allegedly resorted to the scalpel for corrective surgical procedures, so that she could get the bigger, better tits that she has now. Her new breasts are so beautiful and tender you may be tempted to think she’d imported them from heaven.

The truth is, the only reason why I really want touch those breasts ASAP is because, according to surgical experts, surgeons lifted up her breasts to make them rounder. You will agree with me that her new breasts are perfect with her naturally busty body, which she had even before the weight loss.

Nose and Lip

If you look a little bit closer at Jennifer Hudson, you will realize that she did a few surgical procedures on her face too, and that is why she looks unbelievably sexy the way she does. She once admitted on an interview that she did a lip job for the sake of her role in Dreamgirls, and not because she wanted to.

When you look at her lips, you instantly notice them because they are fuller now. Her nose is much better in shape; thinner and more pointed at the tip.

Welcome the new Jennifer Hudson plastic surgery, featuring a sexier, more confident look. You have to admit that even though she has done quite a number of procedures to improve what she already had, she is one of the notable success stories of plastic surgery.

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