Did Ciara Got Nose Job? Check Out Before & After Photos

Ciara is one of America’s most celebrated music performers and perhaps, she has plastic surgery to praise for part of this success.

Aside from the fact that she oozes much energy and boasts of an amazing voice, she is one of the musicians who will dazzle you with their stage performance because they have bodies and beauty to die for! Truth be told that most of her fans are male, and the plausible reason for this has to be her sexy body!

Ciara’s Rhinoplasty

It is rumored, and rightfully so, that the beauty who grew up in the public eye had her nose tweaked sometime back to alter the appearance of her face. Generally, the procedure seems to have gone pretty well because her new nose is cuter than before.

Ciara Got Nose Job

While she had a larger nose that was not as is defined as it is today, much of her facial beauty has to be said to ooze from the little change that was done on her. Her nose has been made noticeably slimmer and more pointed and refined at the tip. Her whole appearance, coupled with her killer body, is that of utmost sophistication!

The rhinoplasty, no doubt, is the most obvious procedure that Ciara is rumored to have undergone. While she is of African-American descent, her nose is somehow more Caucasian nowadays. Nevertheless, it blends well with her other facial features.

Ciara Breast Augmentation

It is also rumored that Ciara must have had a breast augmentation done on her to improve the shape and size of her breasts. While she did not have a flat chest years back, she seems to have grown the sizes of her breasts over time.

Ciara boob job

Indeed, she has a rotund bust which is part of the reason why her male fans are often smitten with her beauty during live performances. She is a lot fuller at the top in a beautiful way, and this has gone a long way in defining her killer body figure.

Ciara Liposuction

Ciara’s body is pretty toned. She is so very well-toned that she looks like having just stepped out of the treadmill almost every time. While many people believe this to be the result of working out while practicing for her dance moves and partaking in a healthy diet, other people feel that there is another contribution to it all.

Liposuction! (This is exactly what Beyonce did)

Ciara Liposuction

Yes, there are rumors that Ciara must have had liposuction done on various parts of her body to remove fat and help her gain more muscle.

On her part, though, she has denied any rumors of ever having had any plastic surgery procedure done on her body. Ciara must want to take all the acclaim for the perfect body she boasts of! even after the birth of her child, she still looks flawless; indeed much better than many American women who are yet to go the motherhood way.

She has also been in the headlines lately given her split from the father of her child and new dating rumours. In spite of it all, fans still love her and hope her irresistible body will stay remarkable for many more years to come.

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