4 Celebrities with High IQs You Probably Didn’t Know

Have you ever wondered what celebrities would do if they were not acting or singing? If you figured they would have a regular job like most other people, you would more than likely be wrong. There is a surprisingly large amount of celebrities with high IQs.

If their entertainment careers failed, the following celebrities would undoubtedly find success in a variety of other career opportunities, ranging from the hard sciences to business. Thanks to Elitecelebsmag – Celebrity Gossips site for allowing us to republish the content.

James Franco’s Unknown IQ

James Franco

While no one really knows how high James Franco’s IQ is, it is obvious that he is a very intelligent person. Contrary to the characters he has portrayed onscreen in recent years, Franco is actually a very learned and academic person. He boasts a degree from UCLA and later, after obtaining his degree, was accepted to and enrolled in 4 colleges at the same time.

As of 2010, Franco was also enrolled as a PhD student at Yale University. Needless to say, he has a plethora of career options available to him with that much education and experience, should he decide to leave the entertainment career.

Arnold Schwarzenegger IQ 135

Arnold Schwarzenegger

If you think of a modern day, rags to riches story, one name should stand out to you. Arnold Schwarzenegger came to the United States as a poor immigrant. He eventually gained success as a bodybuilder before beginning a career in the film industry.

He was not very successful at first, due in part to his extremely muscular build and his very thick accent, but he persevered and made a name for himself in Stay Hungry, a film he won the Golden Globe award for “New Male Star of the Year”.

He quickly rose to become a prominent action star, including the Terminator franchise. Don’t let his physicality fool you, though. Schwarzenegger is one of the celebrities with high IQs. Perhaps it is not so surprising that he was successful in his political career and became the governor of California.

Ashton Kutcher IQ 160

Ashton Kutcher

There is not another celebrity who has made as much of a name for themselves by portraying a somewhat ditzy and airheaded character as Ashton Kutcher. He breezed his way into the minds of many Americans with his comical depiction of Michael Kelso on the popular That 70s Show. His portrayal seems so natural that one would probably assume that Kutcher’s own IQ is similar to the character. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Ashton Kutcher is one of the celebrities with high IQs, being 160. Before undertaking a modeling and acting career, Kutcher was enrolled in the University of Iowa to study biochemical engineering. His inspiration was to find a cure for his brother’s cardiomyopathy. While unsuccessful with that, Kutcher has had a very successful acting career and has even taken on a variety of humanitarian aid efforts.

James Woods IQ 180

James Woods

Unlike his celebrity counterparts, James Wood is not a celebrity one would assume as being a slacker or less intelligent at all. Woods attended MIT for political science though, similar to many of his celebrity counterparts, Woods dropped out before graduating. However, this lack of academic success did not impede Woods’ success as a celebrity.

Is it possible that being one of the celebrities with high IQs Woods was slightly more predisposed success than he would have been with a lower IQ?

There is no way to really know, but it is something interesting to consider. Even more interesting is that, of the mentioned celebrities with high IQs, only one achieved higher degrees in education. Perhaps IQ is not strictly an indication of success in the “real” or business world. These celebrities might certainly agree.

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