Did Ciara Got Nose Job? Check Out Before & After Photos

Ciara is one of America’s most celebrated music performers and perhaps, she has plastic surgery to praise for part of this success. Casino games win real money and play blackjack online.

Aside from the fact that she oozes much energy and boasts of an amazing voice, she is one of the musicians who will dazzle you with their stage performance because they have bodies and beauty to die for! Truth be told that most of her fans are male, and the plausible reason for this has to be her sexy body! Online payday loan no credit check.

Ciara’s Rhinoplasty

It is rumored, and rightfully so, that the beauty who grew up in the public eye had her nose tweaked sometime back to alter the appearance of her face. Generally, the procedure seems to have gone pretty well because her new nose is cuter than before.

Ciara Got Nose Job

While she had a larger nose that was not as is defined as it is today, much of her facial beauty has to be said to ooze from the little change that was done on her. Her nose has been made noticeably slimmer and more pointed and refined at the tip. Her whole appearance, coupled with her killer body, is that of utmost sophistication! (more…)

4 Celebrities with High IQs You Probably Didn’t Know

Have you ever wondered what celebrities would do if they were not acting or singing? If you figured they would have a regular job like most other people, you would more than likely be wrong. There is a surprisingly large amount of celebrities with high IQs.

If their entertainment careers failed, the following celebrities would undoubtedly find success in a variety of other career opportunities, ranging from the hard sciences to business. Thanks to Elitecelebsmag – Celebrity Gossips site for allowing us to republish the content.

James Franco’s Unknown IQ

James Franco

While no one really knows how high James Franco’s IQ is, it is obvious that he is a very intelligent person. Contrary to the characters he has portrayed onscreen in recent years, Franco is actually a very learned and academic person. He boasts a degree from UCLA and later, after obtaining his degree, was accepted to and enrolled in 4 colleges at the same time. (more…)

Can Success Of Plastic Surgeries Be Measured By Celebrity Success Stories Alone?

There is no doubt that plastic surgery is a billion dollar business and there are thousands of celebrities across various spectrums who seemingly have gained a lot from it. Since so much money, time and effort is spent on these plastic surgeries, it certainly arouses a lot of interest and curiosity.

While there are a group of people (mostly celebrities) who go gaga about the benefits associated with it, there are an equally big group of people who do not seem to have too much of faith and belief in it. However, in this article we will be sharing the success stories of a few celebrities and let the people judge for themselves, the benefits or otherwise about such procedures and operations. (more…)

Susan Lucci: The Mystery Behind Her Flawless Beauty!

With the advancement in technology, there is a considerable hike in the mysteries around the world. (We are not joking!) Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery sets a milestone in the secret world of wrinkleless beauties of the English Cinema. Every one wonders how they manage to look beautiful like an adolescent even at 60 years of their life.

Well, here’s the answer, these beauties fancy for “PLASTIC SURGERY”- a line of methods which offers them immediate and effective beauty treatments. All they need is the magical machines and a perfect hand under the knife.

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery

It has always been the first pick for every gorgeous lady from the sugary singer Taylor Swift to the jaw dropping beauty Megan Fox. (more…)

Jennifer Hudson’s Plastic Surgery Allegations

Jennifer Hudson has been on the limelight over her plastic surgeries for a very lengthy period of time. The most notable of all the surgery procedures she’d had is the one that reduced so much of her weight within a blink of an eye. Jennifer Hudson had been big and fat prior to her plastic surgery, and had been referred to as “the big girl” in Hollywood because she was so chubby and getting worse by day.

She tried natural ways of slimming, such as exercising and dieting, but that only helped cut just a little of her unwanted weight. Because pressure to lose weight fast for movie roles was mounting, she had to do it for the greater good of her health, fast-growing career, and celebrity status. Here is an insightful analysis into some of Jennifer Hudson plastic surgery speculations.

Jennifer Hudson Plastic Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery

She lost so much weight within a short period of time, and people were left wondering what else could do it so quick if not a scalpel. When Hudson was later asked if she had a gastric bypass or a Bariatric done on her, she strongly denied the allegations, rubbished the claims and blamed people for discrediting her. (more…)

How Much for Breast Implants?

Breast implants are fast growing in the current world. This may be as a result of the fact that the body figure is considered as an enhancement to the looks of an individual. Among the factors that should be considered before deciding on a breast implant procedure is the cost.

The price of a breast implant depends on a number of factors. One might imagine that the cost of the procedure is the same throughout all the facilities. This is however not the case.

Breast Implants before after

One of the factors that affect the cost of a breast implant procedure is the location at which it is done. The location is factor that greatly dictates the cost of breast implants. One should expect that in a more affluent place the charges should be higher. As a matter of fact, there is a corresponding rise in the cost with a rise in affluence. (more…)

Why Is South Korea Called The Mecca For Plastic Surgery?

South Korea Plastic Surgery
South Korea has, in fact, taken an extraordinary step in the health-related tourism industry, and particularly with regards to cosmetic and plastic surgery. If in 2013 the nation attracted 60,000 medical tourists, the number has grown by 40% in 2015 in the plastic and cosmetic surgery field alone, according to the Korean government. Officials expect to get 5 million medical tourists by 2020.

In 2014 South Korean cosmetic surgeons have performed over 7 lakh cosmetic procedures, as outlined by a recent report. This would probably represent in excess of 13 procedures for every one thousand individuals, the maximum number for virtually any country in the entire world. (more…)

The “Scandal” Behind Kerry Washington’s Looks

Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery
The Kerry Washington plastic surgery has become a huge rage especially with her new season in the ABC drama Scandal. But it’s not the transition of her career that gets the attention. It’s her looks, transforming from cute to a more mature and demure look. And her cosmetic surgery happens to be another success story.

Though there is no confirmation of this, experts and we people are not convinced as of yet when one takes a good look at her before and after pictures. And she looks amazing! (more…)