Can Success Of Plastic Surgeries Be Measured By Celebrity Success Stories Alone?

There is no doubt that plastic surgery is a billion dollar business and there are thousands of celebrities across various spectrums who seemingly have gained a lot from it. Since so much money, time and effort is spent on these plastic surgeries, it certainly arouses a lot of interest and curiosity.

While there are a group of people (mostly celebrities) who go gaga about the benefits associated with it, there are an equally big group of people who do not seem to have too much of faith and belief in it. However, in this article we will be sharing the success stories of a few celebrities and let the people judge for themselves, the benefits or otherwise about such procedures and operations.

Is age an impediment for performing plastic surgery? Not exactly, when one looks at the stunning success story of Lady Gaga. One of the common problems associated with old age is deposit of fat in the wrong places. Hence, there is no doubt that Gaga has gone in for liposuction to get rid of those extra inches of fat from here abdomen, thighs, arms, shoulders and other places.

Lady Gaga sugery story

As see on the article – Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery – Has She Had a Nose Job?, it has seemingly worked very well on her though it must have been one hell of a process that could have taken quite a few hours to complete. Though she now looks much fitter and younger it remains to be seen whether it is a temporary phenomenon or something that will stand the test of time.

Wendy Williams is another celebrity who has presumably gone through some grind, in the name of plastic surgery. Not much of her has been heard after 2007, when she appeared in a stunning white dress, during the Golden Globe Awards held in that year.

Wendy Williams after surgery

She must have undergone a number of plastic surgeries including rhinoplasty, which has certainly come out successful. She has also gone in for breast implants to enhance the size and shape of her breasts and the results are there for all to see. It has, without any doubt, worked well on her. Before and after pictures –

While the above are some success stories about famous individuals, these are just information based on facts and figures. When it comes to you, as an individual, you need to keep many things in mind, before going in for these surgeries. They are quite expensive and to begin with you should have the courage to allow your body being put under the knife. Though most of the plastic surgeries are safe, you should be sure about present health condition. If you are suffering from diabetes, blood pressure and other such conditions, you should be sure before undergoing the process.

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Susan Lucci: The Mystery behind Her Flawless Beauty!

With the advancement in technology, there is a considerable hike in the mysteries around the world. (We are not joking!) Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery sets a milestone in the secret world of wrinkleless beauties of the English Cinema. Every one wonders how they manage to look beautiful like an adolescent even at 60 years of their life. Well, here’s the answer, these beauties fancy for “PLASTIC SURGERY”- a line of methods which offers them immediate and effective beauty treatments. All they need is the magical machines and a perfect hand under the knife.

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery

It has always been the first pick for every gorgeous lady from the sugary singer Taylor Swift to the jaw dropping beauty Megan Fox.

Now- a – days our beloved celebrities are highly enticed towards plastic surgery without giving a thought to its extremely appalling side effects. Among these flawless beauties is Susan Lucci. The ‘Devious Maids’ star is charmingly growing old (without letting anyone knowing her age) and she is said to be in high spirits with all the treatments. The famous and elegant” Erica Kane” in her late 60’s tends to be the queen of a million hearts even in the 21st century.

To embark on, let’s find out… Who is Susan Lucci?

The “Daytime’s Leading Lady” Susan Victoria Lucci an American actress, television host, author and an entrepreneur was born on December 23, 1946 in New York’s Scarsdale. She got married to Austrian businessman Helmut Huber in the year 1969. Her role in “All My Children” was a sensational hit faming her under $1 million every year club. She has also introduced a range of feminine products and proudly named it as ‘The Susan Lucci Collection’.

Lucci appeared in a number of television series as well as movies. She grabbed Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award for her role in “Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna.” Not only this, the Ebbie-cious actress also chipped herself in the 7th Season of “Dancing with the Stars”, a dance reality show with her talented partner Tony Dovolani. In the year 2010, Harper Collins also acquired rights for publishing Lucci’s autobiography.

Lucci’s Journey to Perfect Beauty

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery is considerable in number. Here’s a peek-a-boo to the secrets behind her ideal beauty:

Brow Lift Treatment: This is because of the Brow Lift treatment that lets her eyebrows pulling up in the just right way. This is significant evidence that she went under the tip of the knife to let her face get free of the old age effects.

Face Lift: To keep her beautiful skin far away from the appalling age effects like wrinkles, loose skin, flabby lines (and there is an endless list) she has gone under the face lifting treatment too. It can be said without a doubt that the skilled surgeon gave her face a perfect healing.

Cheek Implant: The secret behind Susan’s fluffy cheeks in her late 60’s is simply the cosmetic surgeries giving her face the perfect smile and enhancing its dimensions in the precise direction.

Eyelid Surgery: Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery makes us believes that every part of the body can be transformed in a perfect way. Yes! Our beloved Lucci’s has made changes in her Eyelids also. Although, this surgery made her eyes look mesmerizingly beautiful.

Breast Implant: It was not only her face that has undergone a number of changes but her breasts as well. Just like the other celebrities of Hollywood she also aspired for an ideal body structure making her spend lavishly on his surgeon.

Chemical Peel: This chemical procedure rally round to clean the dead cells and spots on the skin in no time. Yet another route Lucci opted for her everlasting attractive skin.

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More on Jennifer Hudson’s Plastic Surgery Allegations

Jennifer Hudson has been on the limelight over her plastic surgeries for a very lengthy period of time. The most notable of all the surgery procedures she’d had is the one that reduced so much of her weight within a blink of an eye. Jennifer Hudson had been big and fat prior to her plastic surgery, and had been referred to as “the big girl” in Hollywood because she was so chubby and getting worse by day.

She tried natural ways of slimming, such as exercising and dieting, but that only helped cut just a little of her unwanted weight. Because pressure to lose weight fast for movie roles was mounting, she had to do it for the greater good of her health, fast-growing career, and celebrity status. Here is an insightful analysis into some of Jennifer Hudson plastic surgery speculations.

Jennifer Hudson Plastic Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery

She lost so much weight within a short period of time, and people were left wondering what else could do it so quick if not a scalpel. When Hudson was later asked if she had a gastric bypass or a Bariatric done on her, she strongly denied the allegations, rubbished the claims and blamed people for discrediting her. Sometimes in 2012, Jennifer had admitted to having undergone plastic surgery, but remained consistent with her claims that nothing surgical had been done to her weight, ever. She remained steadfast, accrediting her substantial weight loss to Weight Watchers program but no one believed her. It wasn’t making any sense, and therefore only the surgical part of the story remained sensible.

Breast Implants

After shading the excess baggage, Hudson was left with little shapeless boobies that wasn’t doing her already-lowered self-confidence any good. She allegedly resorted to the scalpel for corrective surgical procedures, so that she could get the bigger, better tits that she has now. Her new breasts are so beautiful and tender you may be tempted to think she’d imported them from heaven. The truth is, the only reason why I really want touch those breasts ASAP is because, according to surgical experts, surgeons lifted up her breasts to make them rounder. You will agree with me that her new breasts are perfect with her naturally busty body, which she had even before the weight loss.

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Nose and Lip

If you look a little bit closer at Jennifer Hudson, you will realize that she did a few surgical procedures on her face too, and that is why she looks unbelievably sexy the way she does. She once admitted on an interview that she did a lip job for the sake of her role in Dreamgirls, and not because she wanted to. When you look at her lips, you instantly notice them because they are fuller now. Her nose is much better in shape; thinner and more pointed at the tip.

Welcome the new Jennifer Hudson plastic surgery, featuring a sexier, more confident look. You have to admit that even though she has done quite a number of procedures to improve what she already had, she is one of the notable success stories of plastic surgery.

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How Much for Breast Implants?

Breast implants are fast growing in the current world. This may be as a result of the fact that the body figure is considered as an enhancement to the looks of an individual. Among the factors that should be considered before deciding on a breast implant procedure is the cost. The price of a breast implant depends on a number of factors. One might imagine that the cost of the procedure is the same throughout all the facilities. This is however not the case.

Breast Implants before after

One of the factors that affect the cost of a breast implant procedure is the location at which it is done. The location is factor that greatly dictates the cost of breast implants. One should expect that in a more affluent place the charges should be higher. As a matter of fact, there is a corresponding rise in the cost with a rise in affluence.

An explanation to this may be that the surgeon is likely paying a higher fee for office space. A more affluent area also demands for a higher operation cost hence the high breast implant cost. It is also not a surprise that in the remote areas, the charges are relatively higher. This may be as a result of the fact that in these regions, obtaining a breast implant is higher. The surgeons are also probably few and one would expect them to charge higher for their services. In Asia, where Kim Yu-Jin, popularly known as Uee had her plastic surgery, plastic surgery services tend to be cheaper.

Besides the location, another factor which affects the cost of plastic surgery is the facility charges. These are the payments that are made at the healthcare facility at which the implant is done. One should be careful not to allow the surgeon to carry out the procedure in the office or in a room somewhere. You should always insist on having the procedure done in a certified healthcare institution. This will ensure that when a complication arises medication is swiftly provided. A facility that is better equipped and prepared tends to charge a higher operation fee.

The fee which the surgeon charges will also ultimately determine the total amount you shall have spent for the implant. Most surgeons charge a fee of between $2000 and $6000 for a standard procedure. The amount varies depending on; the level of professional expertise of the surgeon, the surgeons self worth, the level of demand of the surgeons services, how difficult the procedure is and the duration for which the surgery will last.

The age and medical condition of the patient may also affect the fee of the surgeon. The social class, though not considered by a number of surgeons, also affects the fee a surgeon will charge. Celebrities like Ayesha Takia should expect to be charged higher than a common individual. Qualified plastic surgeons charge higher because they are highly trained, a process which lasts long and is tedious. The costs of their courses are also high and hence prudent to charge higher fees for their services.

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Why Is South Korea Called The Mecca For Plastic Surgery?

South Korea plastic surgery

South Korea has, in fact, taken an extraordinary step in the health-related tourism industry, and particularly with regards to cosmetic and plastic surgery. If in 2013 the nation attracted 60,000 medical tourists, the number has grown by 40% in 2015 in the plastic and cosmetic surgery field alone, according to the Korean government. Officials expect to get 5 million medical tourists by 2020.

In 2014 South Korean cosmetic surgeons have performed over 7 lakh cosmetic procedures, as outlined by a recent report. This would probably represent in excess of 13 procedures for every one thousand individuals, the maximum number for virtually any country in the entire world.

If Los Algodones, Mexico is regarded as the dental Mecca, Seoul has won its popularity as the Mecca for cosmetic surgery, with 100s of cosmetic clinics located in the well-known neighborhoods, for instance, Gangnam in Seoul. 1000s of patients from China, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Russia, Europe and the US have arrived at what is recognized as being the ‘Beauty Belt’ in the quest for the perfect body.

Do South Koreans Possess an Obsession for Plastic Surgery?

As per the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, about 20% South Korean women have had cosmetic surgery. No wonder that this nation has gathered many years of experience in this particular field. The nation’s TV commercials, TV shows, subway ads, street advertisements and publications all compliment and motivate young ladies to undergo surgery to get that perfect face.

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Within a hyper-competitive community, South Korean plastic surgery happens to be so common that the Koreans discuss what procedures they already have undergone as often as the English speak about the climate.

What actually makes Korea the Plastic Surgery Mecca?

1. Plastic Surgery Specialized in Asian Features

As South Korean doctors perform an increasing number of cosmetic surgery procedures to address particularly the Asian features, like chin, eyes, nose, amongst others, their expertise is rapidly getting recognized in China, Southeast Asia, Japan as well as other countries. More and more people in the area are specifically searching for specialized cosmetic surgeons who are able to deal with Asian body compositions. This is actually the greatest advantage that Korean doctors have.

2. State-of-the-art facilities

South Korea can boast of its highly-advanced technology and up to date products. The nation has made huge investments in research as well as the development of the healthcare facilities. The medical industry in South Korea is not only comparable to other developed nations, but it also has surpassed a number of them because of the financial advancement and highly-trained workforce.

3. Affordable pricing

South Korea draws in patients using its well-trained doctors, and also with reasonably competitive prices. In case an eye lid surgical treatment costs about $1,500, the cost can reach $5,500 in the UK, $5,800 in the US and even $10,000 in Switzerland. To get a nose surgery, yet another common procedure in the country, patients are going to pay $7,700 in the USA, $8,000 in the United Kingdom and $16,000 in Switzerland, but only $5,000 in South Korea.

4. Doctors’ training

In South Korea every single medical professional needs to undergo 11 long years of training before he or she can specialize. The physicians’ high training and also proficiency in English aid them decrease the issue of misinterpretation throughout the assessment and treatment, and also reducing the remedy and surgery time, which is healthy for the patients in short-term visits.

5. Quality treatments

South Korea has gained its good reputation for providing high-quality surgical procedures and great amenities. With years of experience in the plastic surgery field, highly-trained doctors, modern-day medical facilities and also the benefit of most advanced technology, South Korea now offers highly effective treatments, reducing the complications risk as well as minimizing the recovery time.

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The “Scandal” Behind Kerry Washington’s Looks

Kerry Washington plastic surgery

The Kerry Washington plastic surgery has become a huge rage especially with her new season in the ABC drama Scandal. But it’s not the transition of her career that gets the attention. It’s her looks, transforming from cute to a more mature and demure look. And her cosmetic surgery happens to be another success story. Though there is no confirmation of this, experts and we people are not convinced as of yet when one takes a good look at her before and after pictures. And she looks amazing!

She is more than just an actress

Though she doesn’t use her real name, Kerry Marisa Washington was born on January 31, 1977 in the Bronx, New York, U.S. Her family history also indicates that she is part Scottish and English and Native American. And not many know this but she is what someone would say “beauty with brains”. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from George Washington University, and that too with a double major in sociology and anthropology no less!

Other than the Shonda Rhimes series Scandal, for which she was nominated twice for the Prime Time Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, she has appeared in a few films, including critically acclaimed independent ones like Out Song and Night Catches Us.

The 37 year old has earned her right to be at the top with er God gifted talent, but is her beauty for real? Here are some of the highlights of the Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery.


Kerry used to look really cute with her wide nose bridge and a bulbous tip of a nose. But in the present day, she seems to have more of a refined look, with the nose bridge being a bit narrow and that bulbous tip is reduced. Now she definitely seems to have an almost perfect nose.

Eye lid surgery

Blepharoplasty (upper eyelid) is slowly becoming a hot favorite among many stars, and it is kind of tricky for it to be a flawless task. We believe that Washington opted for an upper eyelid surgery because they look a little lifted when one compares her current photos with her old ones. And it looks so natural that one may not even notice this the first time. Not to mention the surgery has given her a much more natural look.

Cheek augmentation

If you go ahead and google “Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery”, you will definitely come across many pictures. And even to the amateur’s eye, her cheeks will most certainly catch your attention. There is no way in hell that makeup alone can make one’s cheek look that full. The filler injections has made her cheeks look more plum, the kind that she didn’t have before. It has given her a much prominent look and she has a much younger look than before.

Youthful Botox

Though she was born in the year 1977, there isn’t a single sign of any wrinkles on her face. She has a rather broad forehead and it is rather smooth, given her age is in the late 30s. The injections have done some amount of work in the space between her eyes too, because she does not look at day older than 30!

Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S, Nassif of Beverly Hills strongly believes that the Scandal actress has gone under the knife more than once for a rhinoplasty, botox, upper eyelid lift and cheek augmentation surgery. Another plastic surgeon, Dr Michael Salzhauer from Miami, has confirmed that a filler called Sculptra is often used for plumping of the cheeks. The actress herself has never really confirmed nor denied about these rumors and that fuels all the gossip around her. Nevertheless, she is lucky enough to have found an excellent plastic surgeon who has done a fine job in preserving her youthful look, even though she is close to 40!

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